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MLSVIDEOTOURS.COM is owned and operated by Dan Rogo, d.b.a. Studio 1 MediaWorks, Panama City Beach, Florida. Studio 1 MediaWorks has been directly involved in video for real estate since the mid-80's. Locally, Studio 1 has produced Weekend Open House real estate show on FOX 28 since 2006 with IDX friendly videos going online in Bay County soon after. At this site you will learn more about the real estate video tours we offer agents in the South Central Florida Panhandle.


Enjoy our feature property and then read the about section below to learn more about what we offer for real estate professionals. If you have any questions feel free to ask - just click "Contact" to e-mail us.

What's Included?

You'll receive a full set of Interior and exterior photos of each property. Photos are shot using a 10mm wide angle lens to help capture entire rooms no matter how small or large they are. Using this lens we can photograph 25-story condominiums from across the street or by standing on the beach.


HD 720p video for YouTube. Your branded video is uploaded to Studio 1's realestatetv channel at YouTube. Using the YouTube embed code opens up a lot of possibilities including sharing via social media websites. We will send you the original MP4 video upon request.


MLS IDX friendly HD video with web page. We provide you a link to the page we create for your listing. Just add this link to the "virtual tour" entry box on you're MLS maintenance page for the subject listing and your done. Finished pages look like this: MLS: 640078

Note: When previewed at your MLS website the "Click For Details" close button returns viewers to the MLS details page.


Comments: The IDX friendly version of this video is the same as the branded copy minus any agent contact info and any real estate signs that may appear in the video.


Note: At this time drone footage for real estate is not available although all Bay County agents are free to use my YouTube beach drone footage in the above playlist for promoting the area free of charge.

Real Estate Glided Tours

About Our Services

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Web Page For MLS Virtual Tour Links

Studio 1 offers video production for real estate agents in Bay County and Walton County, Florida south of Hwy 20. We break the area into 2 regions. Zone 1 includes all of Panama City Beach west to Hwy 331. Zone 2 includes travel distance west of Zone 1 to Fort Walton Beach and East to Callaway.


Standard rates apply to Zone 1 with a $25 additional charge for Zone 2. Properties over 4,000 sq ft will also incur additional charges of $15 per additional 1,000 sq ft. Standard Rate: $100


Payment is due at shoot. Make checks payable to Studio 1 MediaWorks.


Lead Time

Most shoots may be scheduled within 48 hours - available 7 days per week.

Your photos and video will be ready within 72 hours of a shoot and in most cases within 24 hours.


Included With Every Shoot

A full set of photos for MLS sized down to 1200 pixels wide. Full resolution photos (5184 pixels wide) are available upon request at no additional charge. Raw photos are edited in Adobe Lightroom to improve exposure and white balance. All photos are shot horizontal - vertical shots will not work well with video.



MLS web page

We create a branded HD 720P MP4 video tour of the subject property. The branded video is uploaded to our reelestatetv channel at YouTube. That original video is sent to you for local playback and to upload to your social media sites like Facebook as well as Realtor.Com.


We produce a web page with an IDX friendly video. You take the link to this web page and paste it into the virtual tour entry box at your MLS maintenance page for the subject listing.


Note: never add the links from the branded videos we send to you. You will be fined by your local MLS office for doing that.



Most properties take under 45 minutes to complete. We go through the property twice. First time through we take photos and get a feel for the floor plan. Second time through we shoot with our handheld glide-cam. Property should be clear of pets and humans alike when glide cam is used. The final video is usually 85% glide camera and 15% still photos.



Stock Video Footage

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We have loads of stock video scenery in and around Panama City Beach, Florida. Stock video will be added to your real estate videos upon request. Most clips are 10-15 seconds long.


MLSVIDEOTOURS.COM is owned and operated by Dan Rogo, d.b.a. Studio 1 MediaWorks, Box 9211, Panama City Beach, FL 32417